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Gullak’s fourth season tells the touching stories of the Mishra family while emphasizing the relationships within the family and teaching valuable life lessons about money management through realistic circumstances at home and at work.

Gullak Season 4
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Gullak’s fourth season offers even more endearing stories about the Mishra family. The two sons of the couple, Anand (Vaibhav Raj Gupta) and Aman (Harsh Mayar), are the ones who start most of the family’s antics.

The remarkable Jameel Khan plays the father Santosh Mishra, an upright government employee; the remarkable actor Geetanjali Kulkarni plays the sharp-tongued but wonderful mother Shanti Mishra. There is never enough praise for the amazing Sunita Rajwar, who portrays the neighbor aunt who stops by to provide her opinions on the goings-on at the most inappropriate times.

This small family captivates you with such ease that you can’t help but chuckle when you see similarities between them and your own mother, who fervently cherishes her grandmother’s paan box despite never eating paan, or your father (or yourself) hoarding phone cords and chargers thinking they could come in helpful “someday.”

This season, the money lessons seem to suddenly intertwine with life lessons so much that you sigh deeply into your coffee.

Gullak Season 4
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Bad bosses and helpless employees

Who hasn’t encountered impolite managers who go above and beyond to make life difficult for their employees—throwing papers back at you, shouting, swearing, and calling attention to your errors in front of the entire office?

Anand Mishra is accustomed to having doctors make him wait outside the office because he opted to work as a medical representative for a pharmaceutical business. However, his boss treats him badly, and his friend Lucky sneaks into the doctor’s office to reveal to Anand that the doctor has been bought off with heaters and free ACs that the boss helped set up.

Lucky is even fired by the boss for being late. Anand swallows his pride and pays attention to the awful employer, yet he is unable to return Lucky to his previous position. Even Anand’s work at the doctor’s daughter’s new clinic is credited to the boss.

As a wise investor, you are therefore always ready, regardless of whether you work in a corner office or a cubicle. You have saved enough money in your “Gullak” to cover all of your expenditures (for at least five months) in case you have to leave that poisonous workplace and never return, regardless of whether it’s a rude boss or a coworker who criticizes your work.

Gullak Season 4
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Gold Jewellery is for Wearing

Shanti Mishra wears a gold chain when she visits the shrine. She is mugged on the way home. She sits in the room stunned, devastated not only by the loss of her jewelry but also by her guilt. Her family comes together for her, and they convince her to report the theft at the police station.

The policewoman commends Shanti’s courage. The family has brought proof: the bill of purchase and a picture of Shanti wearing that chain.

It is advisable to preserve receipts when you spend your hard-earned money on items for your house and personal use, such as computers, smart TVs, cars, or even remote-controlled blinds. Make sure your newly acquired home is insured. Look after the things you’ve worked so hard to earn.

Gullak Season 4
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The Giving and Taking of a Bribe

Santosh Mishra is a man of integrity, as demonstrated by each season’s incredibly entertaining episode, which validates his moral superiority. He declined to participate in a protest in a previous season because he dislikes “union-baozi,” and this season we watch him try to give a Municipality officer a bribe.

Due to a discrepancy between the submitted plans and the actual construction, the municipality has sent notice. The Mishra family gets together as usual to decide how to handle the possibility of demolition. Sadly, a bribe needs to be made. After swallowing his pride, Santosh Mishra extends that “envelope” to the man. The officer must certify in writing that the Mishra house will not be demolished, and that all paperwork is in order before he may continue to raise his voice and stress that “Kaam ho Jayega” (work will get done).

Saying to a municipal officer, “You took the envelope, so you are in my power now, and I can make you do things you promised,” is a strange way to exert control over them.

You may now feel motivated to request an accounting of these “miscellaneous expenses” from the individual claiming them, even though you have also frequently incurred them in your financial life. You have that power, and I hope you use it.

This show has been incredibly enjoyable, not just because each episode is just the right length, but also because it makes us all feel like we are members of the Mishra family. It would be an honor to have them as friends and neighbors.

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