Trump: RNC Lawyer’s Resignation ‘Great News’

Trump: RNC Lawyer’s Resignation ‘Great News’

Trump: RNC Lawyer’s Resignation ‘Great News’

RNC Lawyer’s Resignation

The Chief Attorney for the Republican National Committee (RNC) is leaving the position a few months after assuming it, which the former President Trump hailed as “Great News.”

“Excellent News for Republicans.” Charlie Spies, a RINO attorney, has resigned as the RNC’s chief counsel. I hope the best for him! Trump made a late-night post on Truth Social on Sunday.

When Trump emerged as the likely GOP nominee for November, officials announced on Saturday that Spies was quitting his position as top counsel of the RNC, about two months after he started the position, as part of a larger personnel reorganization.

Trump and Spies allegedly fell out when Spies refuted Trump’s unfounded allegations that the 2020 election was rigged and manipulated.

RNC spokesperson Danielle Alvarez sent a statement to The Hill that read, “Charlie approached RNC Chief of Staff, Chris Lacivita, about potential time commitment conflicts and it was agreed that, while we appreciate and value Charlie’s expertise and professionalism, he cannot do this role full time and still maintain the obligations to his law firm that he has spent years successfully building.”

Prior employers of the spies were Republican Governors of Florida Ron DeSantis and Jeb Bush, who Trump has frequently disparaged.

In addition to former One America News anchor Christina Bobb and former Trump administration lawyer Bill McGinley to head its legal operations, the RNC had announced in March that it was recruiting Spies. The latter two would be concentrating on election integrity.

According to Trump administration representatives, the party intends to increase its vigilance in checking vote totals for anomalies. Trump stated last week that he would accept the results “if everything’s honest,” but he wouldn’t guarantee to doing so in Wisconsin come November.

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