Apple's iOS 18 Will Include AI for Messages, Photo Editing, and Emoji

Apple’s iOS 18 Will Include AI for Messages, Photo Editing, and Emoji

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Much of what Apple expects to reveal at its Worldwide Developers Conference next month on artificial intelligence technology may seem familiar. The addition of AI to emoji, photo editing, messaging, and email appears to be Apple’s year-long catch-up strategy rather than a bold announcement, according to a recent report.

According to a story published in Bloomberg on Sunday, Apple’s AI initiatives are expected to impact several areas of its software, including voice memo transcription, speedier search, and a more conversational approach to the Siri voice assistant. Numerous enhancements, dubbed Project Greymatter internally, are purportedly dependent on Apple’s on-device micro-AI, which operates without an internet connection.

According to Bloomberg, the next iOS 18 and MacOS 15 will include the new AI features, and the Apple Watch will also get the Siri enhancements.

One of the things Apple’s AI will do, according to the article, is “create custom emojis on the fly, based on what users are texting.”

A request for comment was not immediately answered by Apple personnel.

The latest information regarding Apple’s AI plans sheds more light on what is probably going to be a competitive year for the business as it works to catch up to its rivals. Hundreds of millions of people have flocked to ChatGPT and related technologies in the year and a half since the startup OpenAI introduced it. Even because AI hallucinations have rendered the technology unpredictable and unreliable, users have found it useful for a variety of tasks, including coding, creating recipes based on surrounding items, and writing emails at work.

As a result of the surge, companies and new AI technologies have received billions of dollars in funding, including from Alphabet, the parent company of Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and Meta. (See our AI Atlas resource page for in-depth CNET evaluations of generative AI products, such as Gemini, Claude, ChatGPT, and Microsoft Copilot, as well as AI news, advice, and explainers.)

Apple has not disclosed any information Regarding its AI plans thus far, but recent rumors have indicated that the company aims to rely on its history of placing a high priority on security and privacy. According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple plans to take use of these features by providing users with easily readable summaries of webpages, news stories, and documents, along with a “smart recap” of what they’ve missed in notifications and text messages.

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