David Muir and Linsey Davis

ABC News’ David Muir and Linsey Davis to Moderate September Presidential Debate

ABC News’ David Muir and Linsey Davis will moderate the second presidential debate on Sept. 10.

 David Muir and Linsey Davis
David Muir and Linsey Davis /ABC via Getty Images

Donald Trump and Joe Biden announced their Participation in what would be their second meeting of the campaign. The first debate will take place on June 27 at CNN’s Atlanta headquarters, and Jake Tapper and Dana Bash will moderate.

Although one source said that the debate would also take place in studio, ABC News has not yet disclosed the structure of the event. The moderators were revealed on World News Tonight, which Muir hosts. ABC News Live Prime is a streaming broadcast that Davis anchors.

Neither Muir nor Davis have mediated a general election debate before. When Martha Raddatz and CNN’s Anderson Cooper co-moderated a discussion in 2016, she was the last celebrity from ABC News to accomplish this.

The Biden campaign declared earlier today that it would prefer to participate in events sponsored by networks earlier in the cycle rather than the fall debates hosted by the Commission on Presidential Debates. Shortly afterward, both Biden and Trump declared their agreement to participate in a CNN discussion, followed by one on ABC News. It is stated that in recent weeks, the campaigns had been debating ideas, even though the final debate arrangements came together swiftly.

The commission, which was composed of Republicans and Democrats, had previously chosen the dates and moderators. The Biden and Trump campaigns have effectively gained more control over the events by going around those plans, since they have to agree on the network, the location, and most likely the moderators as well.

Muir and Davis’s selection will highlight two of the network’s Top anchors.

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