Uma Sofia Srivastava

Uma Sofia Srivastava: Who is she? Ten Things to Know about the Miss Teen USA 2023 Champion who Forfeited her Title

The First-Generation Mexican Indian American’s Resignation came days after Noelia Voigt resigned as Miss USA.

Uma Sofia Srivastava
Uma Sofia Srivastava, Miss Teen USA 2023 beauty pageant winner (Instagram/@beautypageant_winner)

Uma Sofia Srivastava, the winner of the Miss Teen USA 2023 beauty contest, resigned from her position after giving it “careful consideration,” citing disagreements with the organization’s beliefs. This was published by the Hindustan Times.

A Few days before to the 17-year-old’s resignation, Noelia Voigt resigned as Miss USA.

“I have chosen to resign from the title of Miss Teen USA 2023, after months of struggling with this decision,” Srivastava posted on her Personal Instagram account.

“Knowing that my academic career has been defined by my hard work, and my hard work alone, I look forward to the rest of the year as I finish 11th grade as a member of the National Honor Society and begin the college application process,” the student continued.

Uma Sofia Srivastava’s whole bio is given below:

1) She was crowned Miss New Jersey Teen USA and represented New Jersey as a first-generation Mexican Indian American at the national level. Later on, she won the title of Miss Teen USA.

2) Srivastava became the second straight titleholder of Indian heritage in 2022, following Faron Medhi.

3) Her long-term goal is to serve as a UN ambassador.

4) She collaborates closely with the Lotus Petal Foundation to provide education, healthy food, and healthcare to disadvantaged children in India.

5) She is also the author of The White Jaguar, a book that inspires people of all ages and is accessible in Hindi, French, English, and Spanish.

6) She also writes about her experiences as a woman of color in her blog, “That’s Fan Behavior.” She is a pianist as well as other things.

7) She is currently a member of the National Honor Society and a student in Class 11.

8) Srivastava gave 1,000 books to New Jersey’s inner-city children via the Bridge of Books Foundation.

9) She plans to start the college application process soon.

10) Srivastava has over 10,000 followers on Instagram

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