Earth is Receiving 80 Grams of Gold Dust Per Day from Volcano

Earth is Receiving 80 Grams of Gold Dust Per Day, Valued at $6000, From this Incredible Volcano.

Every day, a tiny fortune in gold is rained down from this volcano, but no one is there to collect it. Furthermore, a gold rush is improbable.

Earth is receiving 80 grams of gold dust per day, valued at $6000, from this incredible volcano.
  • Every day, an Antarctic volcano showers its environs with gold dust. Pictured is Mount Erebus. (NASA)

Earth is Receiving 80 Grams of Gold Dust Per Day from Volcano

Gold is falling from Mount Erebus onto Earth. Indeed, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Earth Observatory has shown that this volcano in Antarctica is spewing out gold among other minerals from deep below the Earth. A report by IFL Science states that a modest fortune in gold is raining down, with the forces within the volcano extracting about $6000 worth of the yellow metal per day, or about 80 gms. But since no one can get there to try and claim it, there is no danger of a gold rush.

The gold is being expelled by the volcano as crystallized gold and is trapped in pockets of gas. The result of this is that the gold has been dispersed far, up to 621 miles from the volcano.

There are other volcanoes in Antarctica besides Mount Erebus. Since the last investigation was done, up to 138 volcanoes have been found in that area. Of these, 809 are thought to be active, and the remaining ones are thought to be dormant.

The most notable feature of Mount Erebus is that it is the most violent and tallest (12,448 feet) active volcano in the continent. It has always been unstable, and when Captain Sir James Clark Ross first visited the area in 1841, there are rumors that he saw the volcano erupting.

Additionally, there was a time when an Air New Zealand plane collided with it, killing up to 257 people. It was allegedly attributed to a “whiteout,” an optical illusion that rendered the pilot’s view of the snow- and ice-covered volcano nearly impossible. It’s known as the Mount Erebus tragedy. The plane was traveling beneath the clouds when it happened during the day.

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