Live Updates for Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia

Live Updates for Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia: Odds, Forecast, Undercard, Highlights, and Analysis

Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia will Face-off in the Ring Saturday Night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia:

Live Updates for Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia

The battle that fans were hoping for when Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia signed their contracts won’t take place in the ring on Saturday night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The main concern during the fight’s buildup has been Garcia’s mental health because, as one of his biggest fights ever, the 25-year-old has demonstrated time and time again that he is not in the correct frame of mind.

After the fight against Haney, the WBC super lightweight champion, was confirmed, Garcia started making contentious and derogatory postings on social media, which raised concerns for the biggest star of Golden Boy Promotions. Garcia has previously been transparent about his issues with mental health even taking time away from his professional b\Boxing Career to Rehabilitate.

The situation escalated on Friday when Garcia weighed in 3.2 pounds over the 140-pound limit. During the press conference on Thursday, he and Haney had placed a wager in which he promised to pay $500,000 for each pound that he weighed in over 140. Garcia ultimately lost $1.5 million on that gamble, and Haney subsequently tweeted that Garcia had honored the bet. Then, Garcia seemed to down a beer on the scale at the formal weigh-in. Following that, he tweeted, “Apple juice and sparkling water.”

It remains to be seen how the weight loss and Garcia’s unstable mental state going into the non-title bout will impact the result, but the two will definitely square up on Saturday night. Haney is the clear favorite at -650 according to Begam, while Garcia is at +450.

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Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia:

Live results, highlights, and odds for Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia (starting at 8 p.m. ET)

  • Extreme lightweight: Ryan Garcia (+450) vs. Devin Haney (-650)
  • Extreme lightweight: Sean McComb lost to Arnold Barboza via split decision (92-98, 96-94, 97-93)
  • Bektemir Melikuziev defeated Pierre Dibombe in the super middleweight division via technical unanimous decision (79-73, 79-73, 78-74)
  • David Jimenez defeated John Ramirez by unanimous decision to win the WBA interim super flyweight title (117-111, 117-111, 116-112).
  • Super welterweight: At 0:52 of R6, Charles Conwell defeated Nathaniel Gallimore via TKO.

Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia prediction

Physically speaking, this is an intriguing matchup. Haney is beyond his years in ring generalship, defense, and southpaw jabbing. Garcia is also equipped physically to prevail in this battle. He Possess the Height, Reach, Power, and Speed. Garcia has a puncher’s chance to win this bout and cause an upset, at the absolute least. Will it Take Place? Not in my Opinion.

Garcia has been utilizing social media much too much and not enough to prepare for one of his greatest fights to date. Despite being a non-title match, the Davis fight was one of the most eagerly awaited bouts of 2023, depending on your point of view. The fight vs Haney is going to be for a real-world title. Garcia seemed uninterested in taking advantage of his chance to make History. Regardless of the outcome, his earning potential as a content provider is higher in the long run.

When it comes to skills, Haney has a big advantage over Garcia. He is among the Boxing community’s most astute and Disciplined Athletes. He is an expert ring technician with amazing footwork and precise punching. Garcia is fast, but when you put your hands down, overextend your punches, and leave your chin up, you’re opening yourself up to a counterattack. In these situations, time frequently wins out over speed.

The Davis fight’s second Round served as an excellent illustration. Davis, a skilled counterpuncher, stunned Garcia with a straight left hand after Garcia missed with the left hook. Although Haney lacks Davis’s strength, a fighter of his caliber ought to easily win this match. The hostility Garcia has injected into this battle may have been important in order to promote it, but after the bell rings, it won’t matter.

I predict a third-round KO victory for Haney against Garcia, but don’t be shocked if Garcia is also declared ineligible. -Ryan O’Hara

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