Stream Apple's 'Let Loose' Event Live!

Stream Apple’s ‘Let Loose’ Event Live!

Stream Apple's 'Let Loose' Event Live!

Today at 7.30 pm IST, Apple will hold its much anticipated “Let Loose” event worldwide. It is anticipated that the company would unveil new iPad Pro models with OLED panels, new iPad Air models, a new Magic Keyboard, and an Apple Pencil Pro at today’s launch event.

The Apple event will be livestreamed online on Apple’s official global website today at 7.30 pm IST. You can also tap on the link embedded below to watch the event live.

Apple ‘Let Loose’ event: What to expect

Apple iPad Pro

The 12.9-inch and 11-inch models of the Apple iPad Pro are most likely to be available at launch. It is anticipated that these versions will use OLED screens, which should provide enhanced brightness and notable contrast enhancements, including significantly lower black levels. It is anticipated that the larger model will contract by 20%, and the smaller model may contract by 15%.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claims that Apple may surprise everyone by releasing the first iPad Pro model that use the M4 chip. Additionally, it’s possible that the M3 chip powers the latest iPad Pro versions. In any case, an upgraded chipset in the new tablets is anticipated to be included in the forthcoming versions.

It is probable that this year will see price increases for the forthcoming iPad Pro variants. This is a result of the updated Apple Pencil, Magic Keyboard, and processor. According to reports, the models could see a $100 (or roughly Rs 8,000) worldwide price increase.

The iPad Air from Apple

The iPad Air is anticipated to be released by Apple in two sizes: 12.9-inch and 10.9-inch. They most likely use an M2 chipset for power. It is anticipated that Apple will introduce additional color options for the next iPad Air. Notably, unlike the Pro models, it will not come with the new Magic Keyboard, and it is yet unclear if it will work with the Apple Pencil.

Magic Keyboard for Apple

When employed in iPad Pro models, the rumored Apple Magic Keyboard is anticipated to have a distinctive design and an aluminum base to make it appear truer to form. Additionally, a larger trackpad than the one found on the MacBook Air and iPad Pro versions is anticipated for the forthcoming iPad Pro model.

Pencil Pro from Apple

Apple is Scheduled to introduce the Apple Pencil Pro at the event today, according to a recent report from GSMArena. The anticipated third-generation Apple Pencil is anticipated to resemble its predecessor, with the possible exception of a glossy tip. Haptic touch technology is anticipated to be included for the first time ever. According to rumors, the Apple Pencil 3’s “squeeze” option would probably activate a few apps. It may also include magnetic tips that can be switched out…

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