How Did Taylor Swift and Charlie Puth Become Friends?

How Did Taylor Swift and Charlie Puth Become Friends?

Puth Gave a Special Tribute to Someone on her Brand-New Song Hero, and Many Believe that Person to be none other than Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift and Charlie Puth Become Friends?

Just picture the shock when Taylor Swift and Charlie Puth—two of the biggest names in music—become friends! Even though their approaches are different, they are connected in ways beyond music. Additionally, Swift just made reference to Puth in a song.

Their friendship is as beautiful as a melody, with heartfelt gestures and surprise song mentions. Let’s explore the fascinating tale of how these two bonded over the excitement around Taylor’s most recent album release.

A Song by Taylor Features a Shout-Out to Charlie.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the leak of Taylor Swift’s most recent album, but did you notice that Chalie Puth was mentioned? Yes, fans lost their minds over a specific line in Taylor’s newly leaked album that mentioned Charlie. “You smoked and ate seven bars of chocolate/ we declared Charlie Puth should be a bigger artist,” sings Taylor in the song. You nod off when I scratch your head, much like a golden retriever with tattoos.

Many were taken aback by this as not many people are aware of Taylor and Charlie Puth’s friendship. But wait—it’s not just a one-way street; Charlie Puth, the well-known musician, is a die-hard Swift fan. He doesn’t hesitate to sing Taylor’s songs while performing live. Charlie has made it known that he loves Taylor Swift’s music in everything from Trouble to Blank Space.

Charlie’s Admiration and Devotion to Taylor

Charlie Puth didn’t take long to return Taylor Swift’s affection after she gave him an unexpected shoutout in her most recent album. He recently released a song called Hero, and you know what? He specifically mentioned someone who has been encouraging him. Who might that someone be, and how? Taylor, most likely? Charlie is merely expressing his gratitude and admiration for Swift.

Charlie has already received praise from Taylor, and Taylor has returned the favor a few times. Their friendship appears to have started around 2017. At the time, Swift was making a significant return with her album Reputation, and Charlie was preparing to release Voice notes, his second studio album. Charlie stated that Taylor Swift’s first album served as inspiration for his lead single, Attention.

Charlie even wrote on how great Taylor’s song Teardrops on My Guitar is on Instagram once. To express his appreciation for the music, he even broke down its chords. You know what’s even more awesome? After reading his post, Taylor thanked him. They seem to be a part of the same music fan club.

Charlie is Dubbed the “Piano Prince” by Taylor.

Let’s go back to Taylor Swift’s TikTok debut. Among the first to greet her on the platform was Charlie Puth. He addressed her as a “fellow Sag.” In a really endearing reply, Taylor referred to Charlie Puth as the “Piano Prince.” “I’ve been lurking your account for ages!” she wrote. Thank you, Piano Prince, for the kind greeting. Adorable, huh?

Charlie Puth performed a cover of Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” in his song “When You’re Sad I’m Sad” in May 2023 while on tour.

With all of the affection and support they have shown for one another, a question is currently on everyone’s mind. When are Taylor and Charlie going to work together? Although Charlie has performed Taylor’s songs live, imagine the two of them in a recording studio. It will undoubtedly be wonderful.

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